Gantz-Mountain Intelligence Automation Systems, Inc. is proud to announced that the Mini Tactical SOF Intelligence Automation System (MT-5-R) have been selected to participate in the Army Expeditionary Warfighter Experiment (AEWE) 2021. AEWE is the U.S. Army’s primary venue for small unit modernization, providing capability developers, Science and Technology (S&T) community, and industry a repeatable, credible, rigorous, and validated operational experiment supporting both concept and materiel development.  The AEWE campaign provides operational insights on experiment objectives by exploring new concepts, organizations, training methods, and integrating prototype capabilities into an operational environment. Experiment is executed through Live Fire, Non-networked and Force on Force phases. The AEWE 2021 culminating event will occur at Fort Benning, GA February – March of 2021. More information on the exercise can be found here:

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